Heavy Metal Messiah

What do you think of when you imagine Jesus in your mind? For many of us it’s a caucasian guy with long feathery hair and beard and a starry look in his eye as he stands there in a white robe with a red sash and he is usually carrying a little lamb. The fact of the matter is, this is more a product of a western imagination and countless hours staring at a flannel board in sunday school than any description of Jesus in the Bible.
Today I taught a message from Revelation 1:9-20 called, “Getting past Junior High Jesus” Because although Jesus stooped and became a human–lived out 33 years on the earth, including what is the most awkward period for all of us–middle school! (Imagine–God as a 12 year old?!) But he didn’t stay in that humbled state, he died, resurrected, ascended and is currently glorified. John got a peek into the Jesus we need to have our eyes opened up to–no J-high Jesus–he sees the punk rock edition of the Prince of Peace. He more closely resembles the lead singer from Iron Maiden than the paintings we have of him. If during the gnostic heresy, of the first century, the doctrine of Christ’s humanity was dismissed I think more often than not people today just think of Jesus as a Man and neglect His divinity. Many of the pictures of Jesus you get when you do a google image search for Jesus rob us from the true glorified Christ. Seeing Jesus for who He truly is changes everything. If we get a glimpse of His glory it will impact the way we pray, worship, confess and live out our lives. Afterall–Our God is a consuming fire!

If you missed the service or webcast you can watch the archive here. Or if you live in California I will be giving this message at Harvests Day 7 service in Riverside at 6pm PST tonight. They webcast the service live as well. Many Blessings!