hello from Colorful Colorado

We are here in Colorado for the weekend and loving life in the mile high state. I went for a bike ride yesterday and realized how much of a difference the elevation makes! Tonight is the Colorado Springs O2 Experience. It is so surreal being here and doing ministry in the area where I grew up. I haven’t spent very much time here since I left in the 5th grade so it has changed a lot but certain things: Driving past the school I went to in Kindergarten, seeing landmarks that I used to watch pass by from the backseat of my parents car and the names of the streets are all like emotional time machines. It’s a trip!

There seems to be a real buzz and momentum building for tonight’s event. We have heard from churches that are driving in from across the state to attend tonight in Springs or on Sunday night in Denver. Our team has been working around the clock to get everything ready and people have been hitting the street inviting people out. We are praying for God to move in power. That there would be an awakening to who Christ is and an uprising of honor in this great state. I pray that young people would see that their sexual purity is something to be protected and cherished for what it is–the path to their greatest pleasure. Please join us in prayer!

Wish you were here!