Hello from Mt. Rushmore

I can check Mt. Rushmore off my list of things to see. I had the chance to check it today and it was awesome. (here is a pic in front of the famous, granite presidents with my good amigo, Jonathan Laurie) I am out in South Dakota hosting Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusade. We ran into a few of the the guys from Relient K while we were scoping out the monument, they are cool and I am looking forward to hearing their music tonight. They were great last year at Harvest NYC at Madison Square Garden. Then we stopped for some ice cream at this little place called Fjords that I had seen on the food network (yes, I have been known to watch it on occasion–but it has to be when I can’t fall asleep really late at night–confession–I actually love the show “unwrapped” hosted by Mark Summers) The sunflower/honey ice-cream was surprisingly good. For behind the scenes action tonight check out my twitter.