High Fidelity

We launched a new series at Skull Church called High Fidelity: a study through the book of James. The big idea is that we are meant to amplify our faith in Jesus Christ through the way we live our lives. That is what James is all about; faith lived out-loud, without interference, noise or the static of sin.

Through out the series we will see what the accurate transmission of a genuine faith looks like in different areas like: facing temptation, talking, spending cash and so on. James has been called “the Proverbs of the New Testament” for a reason, he hits on a ton of different subjects and it is all super practical.

I absolutely LOVE the ultra short film that our creative team generated for this series. My hat is off to them at the way they artistically ran with the Hi-Fi concept, both in the vid and with the stage design. you can check out the video here:

The teaching that follows the video is on what the High Fidelity life looks and sounds like in Trials.