Ephesians 5:1 Says that we are to imitate God as children. By default kids imitate their parents behavior, for better or for worse. My daughter loves to play with my cell phone. She will send text messages to random people, full of gibberish. Or I’ll catch her playing on my laptop and she’ll say, “typing, dad!” Pretty cute stuff, but far better is the way she likes to copy my wife having her quiet time. After seeing Jennie reading her Bible and taking notes in her journal, Alivia will come out of her room with her story Bible and want to join. Just like her, we are supposed to observe and copy what we see in God. Ephesians 5 goes on to specifically say that we should walk in love, light and wisdom. Which are all things that we are told that God is in scripture. 1 John tells us that God is Love, that He is Light, and Proverbs tells us that God is wisdom. So if you want to be more like God than those are things to put into practice. Of course the best way to become more like someone is to spend time with them. So make sure to carve out time each day to hang out with the Lord. If you have missed any of the studies through the book of Ephesians catch up here.