I’ve not yet begun to fight

Today is my thirtieth birthday. Wow. A whole new decade. I am a rather introspective person and have been spending some time thinking back on my roaring twenties today, and they were packed! In the last ten years: I got married, had four kids, planted fresh life church, snapped my femur in half, launched both the O2 Experience & Skull Church and experienced Christ’s love in major ways. God is good.

I am genuinely thrilled to enter this new season of life. As I read the Bible this morning I saw a thread of major events that took place when people reached this pivotal age.

At 30 Joseph was appointed Prime Minister of Egypt.

David finally ascended the throne of Israel at age 30.

God called Ezekiel to begin his prophetic ministry at 30.

Moses was told that all the priests, from the tribe of Levi, couldn’t begin ministering until age 30.

And finally Jesus Christ, According to Luke, about age 30 was baptized and began His public ministry.

Seems like a pretty significant age to reach. I have been in pastoral ministry now for over eleven and a half years but I am invigorated to approach this next chapter of life and my calling as though it were day one. I have never been more committed, with my whole soul, to Jesus, to His Word, and to the preaching of the gospel as I am today. I love my family fiercely. And both the team of people I get to serve the Lord with, and the church I have the pleasure of leading are absolutely stellar. I believe the best is yet to come and I will approach each day He gives me as though it were my last.

In awe of Him,