John 17

This Sunday I finished a three part study of John chapter seventeen. This is the real Lord’s prayer! More so than the “Our Father who art in heaven” prayer because that is actually the disciple’s prayer. Jesus never would pray it because it asks for the forgiveness of sin, and He was sinless. I was so blessed and challenged going through it verse by verse. Even though we spent almost a month combing it’s treasures there was so much we didn’t get to study. One resource that was particularly helpful to me as I was teaching through this red letter prayer was a book by my good friend Skip Heitzig on the chapter called, When God Prays. He does a fantastic job bringing what has been called “the Mt. Everest of the scriptures” down to a level that can be easily scaled. If you are wanting to delve further into this prayer I heartily recommend it to you. But as they used to say on Reading Rainbow–don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself. Do you remember that show? Maybe your kids watched it (; Here is a link to grab the book on amazon.