Last night’s party

It felt a whole lot like we were experiencing Skull Church Seattle last night. So far May has steadily continued April’s shower thing, in Montana at least. Aren’t we supposed to get some flowers? Amazingly, the wet weather didn’t stop people from queueing up, umbrellas in hand, to get in. And it didn’t dampen the mood either. It was an awesome night.

All the music was next-level. We brought in a newer band called Samestate and they were great. Check them out here. I preached on a scripture from the book of Ezekiel, which in an evangelistic setting, was definitely a first for me. The city of Jerusalem was about to fall under God’s judgment and false prophets have told the people that everything will be fine because they are Jews. Ezekiel tells them otherwise. “Even if these three, Job, Daniel and Noah were in the midst of it they could deliver no one but themselves by their righteousness.” (Ezekiel 14:14) Salvation, he is saying, is a birth right for no one.

Perhaps we need this wakeup call in America like no where else. Living in a nation where the majority describes themselves as some kind of Christian you can easily become desensitized to the gospel. Having believing parents or a godly heritage is not a substitute for personal saving faith. It’s impossible to ride the slipstream of someone else’s faith into eternity. It was a powerful thing to watch people respond to God’s Word and make professions of faith in Christ.

here is the Skull Church May lookbook.