Los Angeles // O2 Experience


This is the second installment in a series of posts about our winter O2 Experience tour. In this post I will be looking back at our Los Angeles event. This was the most intimidating city to take on. LA is no joke. It is a beast of a city. The greater Los Angeles area is so spread out that it’s really difficult to get your arms or mind around. Where New York City was built up in a condensed area, LA was built out. It just goes and goes and goes.

It’s obviously a well known place. Internationally it is iconic and rightly viewed as quintessentially American. No matter where you go in the world, whether it’s Bangkok or Bucharest, people seem to gravitate towards LA when they talk about the United States. It is a center of culture, arts, fashion and entertainment. Someone once said, “as goes New York so goes the nation,” and that’s definitely true, but in many ways LA is just as influential, especially when it comes to sex. Not only is it home to Hollywood but the porn industry is headquartered in the San Fernando Valley as well.

We had the event in the West Side of the city in La Cienega at Core Church LA, a church lead by my friend Pastor Steve Wilburn. They have an amazing location just north of the 10 freeway in the part of town where all the movie studios are. Their building is just a quarter mile south of Beverly Hills and is visible from the 405 freeway. Primo. The cool thing is that when this church was being planted Fresh Life was able to contribute financially. We believed in what they were doing and sowed a seed early in the launch phase. To see the harvest that is coming out of soil we invested in was super special, but to see them return the investment by hosting our event and making a financial contribution to the O2 Experience above and beyond that was just beautiful, Biblical and full circle.

Their brand new building, which they had just recently moved into is beautiful. They have this gorgeous marquee that says, “Jesus Saves” boldly in neon and can be seen from all directions. On the Sunday night of the event there was a line going down the block and stretching around the corner. I have hosted a couple Harvest Crusades at Dodger Stadium and I spoke once at a church in Downey, but as with Santa Barbara I have never preached in the heart of Los Angeles so I wasn’t quite sure what we would see turnout wise. I was blessed and as surprised as anyone to see a standing room only crowd that filled up the venue and an overflow.

They didn’t just show up either, they were an energetic crowd and super fun to spend the evening with. Best of all we saw God do amazing things in many people’s hearts and lives. Watching many stand up and give their hearts to Jesus and knowing that there was joy in the presence of the angels over what was happening in the city of angels gave me chills. Hooray for LA!

Here is the O2 Los Angeles look book:





















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