Lost Boy

A few months back Greg Laurie sent me an advanced copy of his soon to be released autobiography called Lost Boy. It was a Saturday, my study day and I was working on my Sunday sermon. I thought I would read a chapter or two and get back to work. Several hours later I was halfway through the book and behind on my message! It was that good. Seeing this amazing man of God who I have respected and wanted to be like my whole Christian life grow up in an anything but Spiritual environment was an exciting journey. The book was just released and I think everyone should read it, it’s like a biography on red bull!   It will blow you away to watch how God worked behind the scenes in Greg’s life to bring Him to Christ and turn this lost boy into a megaphone to reach the lost.   You can pick a copy up here.  What is also exciting is that for 2 years there has been a documentary film version of Lost Boy in the works. It is due out at the end of June and we are going to be showing it 4th of July weekend at the Strand. Sunday night, July 6th we will be showing it and Greg will be making an appearance and speaking after the movie is shown. We are challenging people to invite a friend who doesn’t know the Lord to come and watch–and to be sure–be exposed to the gospel.