In the midst of all the pain and chaos of our daughter Lenya going to Heaven just before Christmas there were bright flashes of comfort where God reassured us of His presence. One of those moments of providence came through a worship leader at Fresh Life.

Shayla Smith is a talented singer/songwriter and a joy to have as a part of Fresh Life Creative. She had the idea for a new song kicking around inside her for some time but had been unable to capture it properly. On the morning of December 21, 2012, as though a muse had come, the words and music freely flowed together perfectly. She had finally written the song that had eluded her for so long.

What she didn’t know was that in just two hours she was going to hear the news that our Lenya Lion had gone Home, and that in our house the “ground was unsteady…the world had started to blur”, and we needed to, “know that you’re loved” as she had so unbelievably just written, I believe, through the Holy Spirit.

When we heard the song later that day, it was as though God’s face was shining directly on our pain. It helped to turn off the dark. A small but beautiful reminder of His love. We had Shayla perform the song live at Lenya’s celebration and it is in regular rotation at the Lusko household. (We put it on our Lenya Lion playlist that is full of her favorite songs.) It often makes me cry, but it always blesses me.

I told Shayla that when we release the next Fresh Life music project I want “Loved” to be on it. Until then you can hear it below. Let this be a lesson, when you get the impulse to create you never know what God is trying to do through you!