Mark Driscoll

While I was in Southern California last week I had the chance to meet Mark Driscoll. Mark pastors Mars Hill Church, a multi-site church in Seattle, Washington that is turning a dark city upside down for Christ. Later this year Seattle will be the location for one of Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusades and Mark Driscoll is a part of making that happen. I have watched his ministry and preaching for a while and especially enjoy the way he creatively utilizes technology to further the gospel.

levi_greg_markwith Greg Laurie and Mark Driscoll

Spending time with him was a pleasure and I was especially impressed by his humility, kindness and genuine love for Jesus. No doubt those qualities are a big part of the the reason God has given him such a mega-platform, including press in the New York Times, and several appearances on ABC’s Nightline. (If you didn’t see the debate he did with Deepak Chopra on the existence of Satan–check it out on YouTube here.)

He is certainly not without his critics (those who are innovative and do much for the Kingdom never seem to be in short supply of criticism–see Luther, Nehemiah, Spurgeon, John the Baptist and others.) And even though we don’t have everything in common, I would say that we have a whole lot more in common than we do not. I definitely view him as a kindred spirit. I am stoked to see what God will do in and through his life and ministry as he continues to make Jesus famous and I hope to stay in communication with him in the future.