Marriage is what brings us together…

This weekend at freshlife we will be speaking on the subject of marriage. We will be talking about the purpose of it, the plan for it and the problems that often arise in it. We will also answer as many questions as we can out of those that were submitted by facebook and twitter friends who helped me out by submitting their most pressing marital questions this week

This will be an important weekend for anyone who is married currently, or wants to be some day. I would also encourage people to pray about who they could invite to come to church. Perhaps a friend or neighbor you know who doesn’t know the Lord or is struggling in their life and would be open to hearing a message on this subject. I can guarantee you this, no matter what condition your love life is in, there is hope…and His name is Jesus Christ!

Kalispell: Saturday night 6pm at the Strand, Sunday morning 9am at the Strand and 11am at the Strand and the Liberty.

Whitefish: Sunday morning 10am at the Whitefish Mountain Cinema

Online: Sunday morning 9am and 11am MST at