Meet the Guido’s

I have learned from the pastors who I was trained by just how very important the role of a worship leader is to a thriving church. Having someone whose style fits yours is essential. Going back to the days of Billy Graham/George Beverly Shea and D.L. Moody/Ira Sankey it is evident that when the preacher and worship leader are in harmony the result is powerful. What I love about Kevin is that he has a serious passion for everything he does. Apple computers, kona mountain bikes, great graphic design and large quantities of mountain dew and peanut m&m’s, he does nothing small! This is especially evident when it comes to the glory of God. Kevin puts together the music each week after prayerfully reading the verses we will be covering and going over my sermon notes. I love hearing songs that enhance the central theme of that days focus. I am so pleased that God brought Kevin and Alaina from Calvary of Albuquerque to Fresh Life when the church was 25 days old. There are over 30 live recorded worship songs you can listen to at fresh life’s worship page, so check it out.