one down one to go

He is Risen! 
I am so glad to be alive physically and in my heart on this Easter Sunday.  I am backstage waiting and the second service just started.  I made it through the first message by the grace of God.  I felt weak at the start but was strengthened through the message and the place was packed.  By far the biggest turnout we have ever had for the 9am service.  In case I couldnt do more we had recorded the first in high-def and were prepared to roll the video for the second but I am going to stay and do the second one as well.  What was awesome was to watch people come forward and make professions of faith, what a day to have God invade your life!  Resurrection Sunday is a perfect spiritual birthday, one that will be easy to remember.  My message is called The Rolling Stone.  The most rocking event in human history was Christ's return to life defeating death, but first the stone was rolled away!  Blessings, I gotta get ready to preach.

In Awe of Him,

Levi Lusko