over the top

My mind is still racing to process all that I experienced last night. I can only describe it as a dream come true. Answered prayers. The start of something both beautiful and powerful. A move of God’s Holy Spirit. A team of staff and volunteers firing on all cylinders–all going above and beyond the call of duty in a passionate pursuit of excellence so that those stranded in sin might find life and liberty in Christ. A church that “gets it.” This is not about us. It’s about Him and those that don’t yet know Him. It will always be that way.

Many gathered to pray throughout the entire service. Others who didn’t have anyone take up their invitation to come with them chose not to take up a seat so someone far from God could fill it. Many more selflessly served in vital roles in parts of the campus that didn’t allow them to feel the bass up close. They were every bit as much of the part of what God did as anyone else. Maybe more. I am humbled to wear a jersey on this team.

When the dust settled, over a thousand people had queued up, in a line that went down the street and wrapped around the block, to get into one of our two venues which filled to capacity+ for skull church last night. The music, both by the skull church band and our guest band The Classic Crime was epic. The vibe and the atmosphere all over the campus was electric. Best of all, we saw many people make professions of faith in Christ, both in the theaters and online!What a thrill to watch God move. My ears are still ringing in a very good way.

Here are a couple snapshots that Kelli, one of our very talented photographers, captured last night. More photos from this epic night will be posted on the skull church website,as soon as they are processed, in addition to an archive of the message on the conversion of Saul of Tarsus. We will also be releasing some of the music from last night’s party incrementally over the next couple weeks on the skull church podcast so make sure to subscribe! There is a new episode every week of the month that there isn’t a skull church event. You can get dialed-in here.