Physical therapy

3 times a week I go to physical therapy and work the muscles in my left leg so they dont atrophy while they aren’t being used. While stretching on this red ball I was casually talking to one of the guys about technology. He had been asking questions about my iPhone and the subject turned to the use of tech and how some are slow to embrace it. I mentioned that at my church we utilize it as as tools in worship and studying the Bible. It was a segue to talk about God, but this other dude hearing the word church came over and started talking about the NY Mets. I didnt quite see the connection and he saw the puzzled look on my face. He explained and said, you all are talking about church and the closest I get to talking about religion is talkin about baseball. Wow. He bolted before I could respond but I thought, how sad, is that really enough to give hope? Would he, on his deathbed, really be given comfort by meditating on RBI’s, base hits and Hank Aaron? I pray the Lord opens his eyes to see that He needs Jesus, because on that day, even the Great Bambino can’t get him to heaven!