Red is Coming to Skull Church

Good Friday is the day of days for Skull Church. It was on Good Friday that Jesus was taken to Golgotha, the place of the skull, and brutally murdered for the sins of the world. That is what Skull Church is about. It’s an evergreen message that never gets old.  His substitutionary death is relevant and powerful 365 days of the year. But there is no day more appropriate to blast it from the loudest speakers possible than Good Friday,  the day it all went down.  You could say that Good Friday is the Skull Church equivalent of the Super Bowl.

To honor the magnitude of the day, we have gone all out and planned something super special. The Majestic Valley Arena is the largest venue in Northwest Montana, and since Good Friday is the biggest day of the year for Skull Church; it only made sense for the two to go together.  Skull Church Majestic.  It  just rolls off the tongue.  Oh yeah and we will be joined for this epic night by the band Red.  They have appeared on Conan, the Tonight Show and have lit up Billboard charts and we are excited to have them at Skull Church for the first time.

We are praying for God to move in power in the lives of those who come as the message of the cross is unleashed.  Of course, it will all be webcast live in HD for those who can’t make it. Maybe even think of inviting some people over to your house or to watch it together.  You never know what God might do!   If your church or youth group isn’t doing anything on Good Friday you could even put an event together to watch the event streamed online.

It’s all going down on Friday, April 6th at 7pm (MST.)