Rick Warren Twitterview

What a night!  Wow.  There was an over-capacity crowd, for the second evening in a row, at the final night of the 20th Annual SoCal Harvest Crusade.  The all time attendance hit the 4 million mark. Chris Tomlin was unbelievable.  Thousands responded to the simple preaching of the gospel by Greg Laurie. The night ended with a fireworks celebration as Chris did another worship set.

Being there you got the energizing sense that you were getting to be apart of evangelistic history as it was being written.  One thing is for sure, God moved this weekend!  I am too tired right now (and running late for my flight) for this to be my only blog on the concluding night of the harvest crusade, I will try and gather my thoughts for a later post.  Be forewarned, the word epic will definitely be included–maybe twice!

Pastor Rick Warren (@rickwarren)  gave the opening prayer last night and I had the chance to sit down with him before the event started and capture some of his thoughts about the significance of 20 years of Harvest Crusades in Southern California.  I could only post a clip of it on twitter (limitations of 3G) Here is the full video: