Run Kid Run

Last night was a great night at skull church. We continued our fire & ice series, studying the life of Elijah, and saw people respond to the gospel invitation making professions of faith in Christ. (always awesome to watch!) And we also had a special musical guest, Run Kid Run, who traveled from Illinois to join us.

They were originally scheduled to play last week but due to weather in Denver they were unable to fly in. They felt terrible but we assured them that it didn’t make a difference. (One of the benefits of not announcing artists ahead of time.)

They played a few songs during the service but also did a bonus 30 minute set at the end of the night and it was rad. Afterwards I caught up with them for a little interview, enjoy.
[youtube width=”480″ height=”295″][/youtube]

p.s. I hear that the two dudes that look alike are actually not twins…of any kind. Apparently it’s some sort of inside joke which, obviously, I didn’t get–and that made for a nice awkward end to the video. 😉

The archive of the service (including a song by RKR) will be available on the skull church site next week, and you can check out photos from the evening here.

Make sure to check out their music, it’s good stuff. I especially dig the song playing in the background during this video, t’s called “freedom.”