secret sauce

Unquestionably, one of the most important things we do as a church is the way we meet in houses, apartments, and coffee shops across the state of Montana for conversation, laughter, bible-study and prayer. Our larger gatherings on the weekend get more attention. They are louder and flashier — we have people travel from different parts of the country to attend these worship experiences all the time — but there is no way that Fresh Life would be the church it is if it weren’t for our small groups.

It is the low-key and conversational nature of the groups that lend themselves to discipleship, life-change, and real growth. It is in these settings that the aha! moments from the weekend are knit into the warp and woof of daily life. Friendships are forged and strangers become like blood. Anytime other pastors or leaders ask me for input, if they don’t have an aggressive and intentional approach to community, this is the very first suggestion I make.

Here is a fun little video that we recently used to create interest in Fresh Life Groups.