Sex and the Scriptures Update

I have been in a series on the Song of Solomon for 4 weeks now and it has definitely struck a chord. We have focused on Sexual Purity, Who to date (perhaps far more importantly who not to date) , the How of Dating, and this past week we focused on being engaged. As we have been paying attention to what God’s plan for our sex lives looks like it has become very apparent how far off track our culture really is.

The study has seemed to really resonate with people because no matter what stage they are in relationally, there is something for them. I have never felt such a buzz in response to any other subject I have taught on, and the feedback is indicating that we are like a mosquito that has hit an artery. I honestly expected for there to be some controversy generated from a series with a title like this and was prepared for it, but it hasn’t come (yet.) Instead there has been an enormous amount of people thanking us for tackling these topics head on. I have had mothers thanking me and letting me know they dragged their daughters boyfriend to the teachings, couples tell me they were about to move in together and literally came to church and had God change their mind. People have told me they haven’t heard some of these things addressed in church, in a relevant way, their entire lives, and others who have been struggling with sexual sin finally feel free to open up and confess their sin and get prayer. This Sunday a 60+ year old, boyfriend and girlfriend, couple, who had both been widowed before they began dating, came up and told me they decided to not kiss until they are married because, “when you kiss your brains fall out your ears” and that they have been really enjoying the series because it is right where they are at.

Even other pastors seem to have been encouraged by the series. One visiting pastor from out of town told me that he was really blown away because in his 20+ years of ministry in a mega-church had never taught through the book and said when he got home he was going to do it. I remember when I first announced I was going to teach this series a well intentioned friend in ministry tried to talk me out of doing it on Sunday morning, telling me “it just seems more like a midweek book.” My reaction was that chances are the type of people coming sundays and wednesdays are committed and aware of God’s plan for their relationships. What could be better than teach it to the bigger crowd who come out on weekends and may need it more.

We are going to make the first four teachings available to purchase on cd so people can use it as a resource. Many have been asking if they can buy it to send to someone who could benefit from it and I will keep you posted on ordering details.