Sin Sucks

It’s true. And I don’t mean that like the kids say it. I mean that sin literally sucks, like a leech or a blood-sucking tick.

If it gets a hold of you it will drain your confidence, power, strength, your witness, the joy from your relationships, and eventually it will suck the very life from your veins. James said that, “when sin is full grown it gives birth to death.”

The longer it stays there, the more it will suck from you. It will never be glutted until you are in the grave.

That’s why the Bible compels us to deal so ruthlessly with sin, to mortify our flesh (that literally means put your sinful inclinations to death.) Jesus said that we should be willing to pluck out our eyes, and chop off hands if they are causing us to sin. That harsh language is intended to come across as gross. But He is the great Physician and He knows that sin is like cancer and if tumors are allowed to remain they will always spread. They must be cut off with the scalpel. Sometimes the most loving thing a doctor can do is to amputate.

I once had a tick get on to me. I was on a horse-back ride in the jungles of Belize. At the end of the ride I was brushing mud off of me when I noticed a big piece that wouldn’t come off my chest. To my horror I realized it wasn’t mud but rather a blood-sucking insect! I went to pull it off but a guide quickly told me not to and then proceeded to burn it off. He said that if I pinched it out part of it would remain buried in my skin.

There is a spiritual parallel to this as well. Sin must be pulled out from the roots or it will simply grow back. There can be no concessions. You can’t negotiate with your flesh. If you give it an inch it will always take a mile. It will always take you further than you wanted to go and steal more than you were willing to give. If you don’t put your old man into the ground it will put you into the ground.

“We ought to maintain a conscience always washed in Christ’s blood. We ought to confes sin the moment we see it to be sin. We must never think a sin is too small to need immediate application of the blood of Jesus Christ.” -Robert Murray McCheyne