Singing in the rain in New York

Harvest Crusade NYLast night was night #1 of the Harvest Crusade in Long Island, New York. I had a wedding to officiate at on Friday night so I flew all day yesterday and took a cab straight from JFK to the venue and had just an hour to grab a coffee and get my head straight before the night kicked off. The crusade is at a beautiful outdoor Jones Beach, right on the water, which would normally be gorgeous–but it was cloudy and the skies were foreboding–and had everyone a little nervous.

All I can say is that New Yorkers are tough–because in spite of the weather 8,500 people still showed up. And after music from Kutless and POD Greg Laurie delivered a gospel message to a crowd that included more than a few umbrella’s and 647 people responded to the invitation and made decisions for Christ! You can watch the webcast


Tonight there will be music from Lecrae, Jars of Clay, and Delirious. Pray for good weather! Meanwhile at fresh life It is 8am on the east coast and I am going over a message that I will be giving to the Harvest Crusade Team at the devo service in a few minutes. It is 6am in Montana and in a few hours I will also be teaching at the final two of the three weekend services at fresh life. No, I haven’t mastered the art of teleportation–yet—but I recorded the message before I left that will be played. We have done this 4 or 5 times now and it allows us keep up with our series we are going through. Currently I am going through the book of Revelation, in a series called, At Worlds End. I am teaching on the Second Coming of Christ from chapter 19. The image John paints is striking, Christ on a white horse, with a sword coming out of His mouth galloping through the sky on His way to the earth. The title of my message is Air Horse One, and I have to be honest, studying to prepare for that message really rocked my world. The reality is, Christ’s Second Coming will be so epic and glorious, the realization of it’s imminence should impact the way we live today. Martin Luther put it this way, There are only two dates on my calendar: this day and that day. Killer. Gotta go…stay tuned on twitter.