Skull Church in New Mexico


In the past 5 years we have had Skull Church events all over Montana, but until last week we had never ventured outside the state. I have to admit there were some butterflies as we packed up and headed to Albuquerque. Were we making a mistake? Would people come? Was this all going to blow up in our faces? Even a few hours before the doors opened I still was dealing with the same volatile pre-event nerves that I always do. There was also last minute drama when a fire alarm was tripped just before we let people in that caused everything to get pushed back 1/2 hour while the building was evacuated.

The good and the bad part of venturing out in faith is the madness of it all. I have learned to lean into the chaos. There are no guarantees. Faith requires uncertainty. There has to be a degree of unpredictability to it all if we are to trust God. Ever since Lenya has gone to heaven, more than at any point in my life, I desire nothing more than to take these gutsy, reckless steps of faith, to reach as many people as possible, before this short life is over.

I have to give major snaps to our team considering the fact that this event came just two short weeks after Skull Church Majestic and Fresh Life Easter. You would never know how tired they were by the way they worked. I have never seen them work harder or more fired up to reach people. I’m not just talking about those who were in New Mexico. While many of us were away we still had worship experiences at all five Fresh Life campuses and those who stayed back are just as much a part of what happened as those who went. It takes just as much dedication and faith to stay as it does to go.

God blessed the event in a major way. In addition to the churches that supported the event, several radio stations — Christian and mainstream alike — got behind it as well. It was an amazing thing to see thousands of people line up to get in and the venue filled up to standing room only and beyond. Best of all, many, many people streamed out of their seats in response to the gospel and made public professions of faith in Christ.

It was difficult to not have Lenya with us at this landmark event in Skull Church history but special to see God continue to expand the platform that we have to reach people with the message of His love and grace. The stories that come in from those impacted are always incredible. None more so than the young girl who wrote of her former suicide attempts and the hope she has now found through the death and life of Jesus. That is what it is all about.

Here is the Skull Church Albuquerque look-book: