Skull Church in Spokane, Washington


We just got back from the first Skull Church tour we have ever taken. It was exhausting and exhilirating. Busy and beautiful. Over the next week or so I am going to post about each city. A few words but mostly images from the road that tell the story of what we saw God do. Compressing it all into one post just wouldn’t do it justice and this way it spreads the fun out for a while.

Spokane was the first place to stop. Having the opportunity to preach the gospel on the Skull Church stage in this city was emotional and special. When Lenya was young she had a number of allergies that we didn’t know about that caused her to break out in painful rashes constantly. She had been misdiagnosed as having eczema and it wasn’t until we traveled to a specialist in Spokane that the real problem became known. Consequently, we took a number of trips from Montana to Spokane for her to see a specialist before between her first and third birthday. Whenever I am in Spokane a flood of memories come to mind of our little family in the middle of cold winters trusting God in the midst of a trial that He brought us through.

All that medical drama she went through early on is in fact one of the reasons it made it so difficult when she went to Heaven several years later. Because we had made it through the worst of it–or so we thought. It had been two years with almost no hiccups and it seemed we had gotten into a rhythm with her allergies and asthma. When, out of nowhere, she had a monster attack that claimed her life we were completely blindsided by it.

All that to say, with those kinds of thoughts and emotions fluttering around inside, having the privilege of telling people about the hope that is available through knowing Jesus gave me great peace and purpose. There is nothing more comforting than trying to give comfort to other people.

The Fox Theater where we had the event is gorgeous. Vibe-wise it is totally Great Gatsby-ish. Watching people respond to the invitation was magnificent. I can’t wait until we return.

Here is the Skull Church Spokane Lookbook: