Skull Church on ice

The weather has been crazy lately! I read that yesterday it snowed in 49 out of 50 states in this country–including Hawaii. The only state that didn’t get snow was Florida. There is major flooding in Australia and in the East Coast of the US massive snow has been wreaking havoc on cities and travel. Up here in Montana it has been cold but pretty mild, all things considered. Then we woke up this morning to find out that the overnight low temperatures caused a pipe to freeze which lead to flooding in the Strand. Nice. Fortunately all the water pouring into the lobby and sound-room (double nice) somehow triggered the alarm and we were able to get to it before it turned into an aquarium. Some equipment was damaged but it could have been ALOT worse.

Have no fear! We are still going to have Skull Church tonight but we are going to move it to the Liberty theatre so the Strand can be worked on. I will be giving the second to last message in the Forerunner series as we continue to look at the epic life of John the Baptist. We have some BIG things planned for tonight and I am sure that God has even bigger things in mind, so keep it in prayer, invite a friend who needs to hear the gospel, and if you are unable to be there in person join us online at! Also, remember there are only two services left before Skull Church shuts down for February and then is relaunched and remixed in it’s new monthly format (the first Wednesday of every month) on March 2nd, ready to rock like never before. (More info on all this here)So missing tonight would be sort of like having the opportunity to ride a unicorn but choosing not to. What are you crazy?

See you tonight at the Liberty!