Skull Church Press Release

For Immediate Release

June 15, 2009

More Information: Coy Trammel- (406) 257-3339

KALISPELL, MONTANA – What does an Arab bus station, a skull and a church in Montana have in common?

All three play a part in an intriguing concept to present the timeless salvation story of Jesus’ death on a unique platform.

“When I was preparing a teaching on the crucifixion story four years ago in Southern California,” Fresh Life Pastor Levi Lusko said, “I wanted a new take on a familiar story. It occurred to me that Jesus died in Jerusalem at the place of the skull, Golgatha. I noticed that many board shorts and surf clothes people wear had skulls on them.”

In John 19:17-18 the Bible says, “Carrying the cross by himself, he (Jesus) went to the place called Place of the Skull. There they nailed him to the cross.”

“The most beautiful thing that has ever happened in history occurred in a place of death—God died in our place.  Skull Church is a platform to amplify the message of what happened on that skull shaped hill to a lost world,” Lusko said.

From there, Lusko developed the concept of

‘Skull Church,’ which will kick off Wednesday night, June 17that Fresh Life Church in Kalispell, Montana and streaming live on the internet for people all over the country.

One of the most important events in the Bible, the death of Jesus Christ, is thought to have taken place just outside the

ancient walls of the Old City of Jerusalem.

At the time of Jesus, Golgotha stood just above a busy thoroughfare, just as it is now. Because today, a bustling Arab bus station operates at Golgotha, blank faced passengers roll in and out under the watchful gaze of a rock skull, the hill that Jesus died on.

Skull Church will feature an unusual presentation surrounding a church service, but the main event will be very familiar for Fresh Life: An in-depth Bible study.

“The platform may be edgy, the music and media aggressive, but the heart of the night is to lead the audience into a better understanding of what the Bible says,” assistant pastor Coy Trammel said.  And unlike some church services where an announcement is made to turn off mobile phones, at skull church phones can be used during the preaching to text-message in questions they have about the topic.

“The lights will be rocked out during the music, but you can be sure the auditorium lights will be on bright during the study for better Bible reading,” Lusko commented.

Skull Church is an unorthodox method of presenting an orthodox message. Lusko said the opening series will be,

‘The Bloody Death of Jesus Christ,’ a  review of the torture endured by Jesus to pay for the sins of the world.

Fresh Life meets at the historic Strand Theatre three times each weekend and then for Skull Church on Wednesday’s at 7 PM.  Lusko came to Kalispell in January of 2007 to start the church. Rapid growth has made it possible for over 1000 adults to attend each weekend.  The impact and response of Skull Church remains to be seen, but as Lusko says, the gospel is for everyone, and, ‘Wednesday night at Fresh Life may not feel like your grandmother’s church, but she’s welcome to come too!”