20th OC Harvest comes to an epic conclusion

Here is a little video I shot during the final night of the 2009 SoCal Harvest Crusade.  I shot it with my phone from the platform and so the quality isn’t going to win any awards or anything–but I hope it gives you  some sense of the energy and excitement of the night.

I have been to and spoken at a lot of events and have hosted at 8 different harvest crusades but I sensed God’s Spirit moving in an extraordinary way this weekend.  I know that God always blesses His Word whether we feel anything or not.  Emotional experiences are certainly not the most important thing, but there truly seemed to be a special outpouring of God’s Spirit that ramped up as the weekend went on.  On the final night I sat on the platform in between segments where I was speaking and just marveled at God’s goodness.  I know God is stoked on Greg Laurie’s faithfulness to proclaim the good news of the gospel every summer in Southern California for two decades now.  And it makes sense to me that He would bless this significant weekend in a unique way.  He’s awesome like that.

The fireworks and the time of worship lead by Chris Tomlin after watching thousands of people give their lives to Jesus was incredible.  It was like all of us in Angels stadium were getting to join in with the angels and those in heaven who, according to Jesus, celebrate over one sinner who repents.  I couldn’t help but think of Pastor Greg’s son, Topher, who has been in heaven for a year now as the fireworks lit up the sky.  I know he is proud of his dad!

While I am sincerely stoked on how God has used Harvest in the past, I am confident that the best is yet to come.  To quote a Chris Tomlin song,

“For greater things have yet to come; And greater things are still to be done in this City.”

You can watch archived video of all three nights of the harvest crusade here.

P.S.  I snagged the still photos in the vid from the harvest site–their photographers have serious skills.