Tasting Forgiveness

The services were so special today. Not only were they communion services, but our verse by verse study brought us to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ as documented by John It is also memorial day weekend, a time set aside to remember the soldiers who have laid down their lives for the freedom of this great country. That is the idea behind communion as well, remembering. It is meant to be a multi-sensory “memorial” of what Jesus did to set us free from sin and death. It was very intense to explore both the horrors and the beauty in the many layers of what is the central truth of Christianity, Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection from the dead (which we will explore next week.) We see crosses in churches and in jewelry and art all the time, and they are beautiful but in reality it was an ugly and gruesome instrument of death. But through such an awful execution God paid the price for our sin and if we receive that free gift we can be saved. We studied the scriptures and in our minds we watched Jesus suffer, struggling to breathe but managing to make 7 statements of supreme significance before dying and going to His Father. While that picture remained in our mind we worshiped the Lamb who was slain and partook of the elements that are symbols of His death, and the source of our eternal life. John tells us in Revelation that we will praise Jesus forever and ever in Heaven for what He has done and we got a taste of that right here on earth today. It was awesome. As we drank the grape juice and ate the crackers we literally got to experience once again what forgiveness tastes like. If you missed the service you can watch the flash video here.