the 5th of May

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Today is a great opportunity to celebrate the Mexican defeat of the French in 1862. Way to go Mexico!

I fully intend to eat a fish taco and tip my sombrero to that little piece of history. Having lived in California and New Mexico and been across the border dozens of times on vacation and on ministry trips I really do love Mexico, it’s people, it’s culture, it’s cuisine. Especially the cuisine. If I had to live on one kind of food for the rest of my life it would definitely be Mexican food. Breakfast burritos, quesadillas, fajitas, nachos, even just chips and salsa. These are a few of my favorite things–and all of it must be as hot as possible. I appreciate what David Crowder had to say on the subject of killer salsa on his blog. These days whenever I smother my mexican food in Tabasco sauce I can’t help but smile and think of my friend Christopher, because to him and his brother Jonathan the use of Tabasco was and is an art form. Another good Cinco de Mayo thoughto–keep those who are suffering from the H1N1 flu in prayer and pray that the spread would stop and that God would turn people who are panicking to Him in repentance. God can use even bad things like this to save people.

Blessings! Now for those fish tacos…