the Bible in 3D

When you read the Bible you should expect God to speak to you. It is not a normal book. It’s alive.

I like to pray before I read and ask the Lord to open my eyes so that I can see wondrous truths in His Word (Psalm 119:18). It’s sort of like the spiritual equivalent of putting on 3D glasses. It reminds me that I’m looking at more than history, or poetry or a letter written to someone who died a long time ago. I am expecting for God’s voice to come through the text, speak into my life and change me in the process. I’m looking for it.

Often what will happen is at some point in the passage, something will jump off the page. It will either hit hard, or convict me of something, or catch me off guard. It might even be a very familiar verse that I see in a new light. When ever this happens I stop. I read it again and ponder and meditate what God is saying to me. If there is an action step I am being lead towards or sin I need to repent of or a new attitude I need to adopt I try and do that on the spot, before moving on.

There are going to be times where the 3D doesn’t seem to be working, where you will read and feel like you “didn’t get anything out of it.” Don’t lose heart. Don’t stop reading. Keep hiding His Word in your heart each day. Besides, you might have gotten more out of it than you know. God might have given you a truth that you will need for a trial you will go through next Tuesday. Jesus probably hadn’t read the verses that He used in the wilderness temptations that morning. Furthermore, God could be trying to teach you something that someone else is going to need.

So slow down, prayerfully approach God’s Word with an expectant heart, and bring a pen.

Psalm 119:28 My soul melts from heaviness; Strengthen me according to Your word.