The Jesus Movement–it’s still going!

On Thursday night TBN did a special show on the history of the Jesus Movement. I made sure to tivo it so I could check it out later. It is also available to watch online here. They had Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie, and Raul Ries on the show and they showed several clips from Lost Boy: The Documentary. Although I wouldn’t be alive for some time during these days, Fresh Life Church is the fruit of this movement in that it was those impacted in the Jesus Movement that impacted me! I love how during the show Pastor Chuck was asked several different times in several different ways what was the “real” secret to Calvary Chapel and he just kept responding, that it was teaching the Bible and relying on the Holy Spirit. Those things are what the Lord told the early church are the tools for ministry. They have never changed and are still powerful today. The reality is Jesus’ Movement has never stopped!

This Sunday At Fresh Life

Tomorrow I will be continuing our study of the Song of Solomon that I have called Sex and the Scriptures. I will be speaking on the topic of being engaged to be married. My message is called, “Engagement: An Awesome Blossom.” The period of time is so crucial for the relationship to grow and bud as the couple approaches marriage. It is a vital phase where the couple needs to continue to invest in the relationship. Unfortunately, our culture places a much higher emphasis on planning the wedding than preparing for the marriage. But the reality is, the wedding only lasts a few hours while the marriage hopefully will last a lifetime. We cannot overemphasize the importance of Biblical Pre-Marital counseling. It is like taking drivers-ed before just hopping into the drivers seat and heading from LA to New York City. If you have missed any of the studies in this series you can listen to or download them all for free here. I have really been blessed by the enormous positive response to this series so far. Each different focus, from purity before marriage to talking about who to date and who not to date, and last weeks message, on how to date as a Christian has touched a different segment of the body and it has been very cool.

This whole summer emphasis on purity will also be taking me to Albuquerque, New Mexico in a few weeks for the O2 Experience. Please keep this event in your prayers!