The last traces of fall

Autumn in Montana
Here in Montana the last days of fall are in the air. Most trees have lost all their leaves but some are still hanging on to the last few golden brown pieces of Autumn, as though they are reluctant to admit that Winter is coming. We had our first snow of the year last week and as I type this it has just begun snowing lightly again outside. In the distance you can see that the trails on Whitefish Mountain Resort are starting to get dusted white. I love this time of year, the days are crisp but early mornings and late nights are chilly.

Ministry in a bar
I had the chance to speak at a funeral for a person who worked as a bartender this week. They held the memorial service in the bar that he had worked at. The family asked me if I minded speaking in a bar and I told them I definitely did not. I am sure that Jesus would have accepted, He really seemed to dig reaching out to people right where they were at. I could hear the tinkling of glasses and saw a couple people taking shots in the background as I prepared to speak and could think of no better place to minister. Some in the audience listened with beers in hand as I shared the gospel and when I gave people a chance to give their hearts to Christ three people (including the little brother of the man who had died) responded and prayed with me. Praise the Lord.

Back to 1 Samuel
Last night we returned to 1 Samuel and studied chapter 25. David got very annoyed at someone and almost did something he would later regret. I think we can all relate (especially driving through the construction on hwy 93!) Thanks to the quick thinking of a chick named Abigail he was spared future regret. I called my message Beauty and the Beasts and if you missed it you can catch up here. I love the midweek services. It is a great chance to study the Bible in depth and worship the Lord halfway through the week, kind of like a pit stop for your soul. Kevin is out of town at a worship conference so my lovely wife, Jennie, filled in and did a great job. Here is a little video I grabbed during sound check.

Saturday Night Live!
This week is the first week of our new Saturday night service. The church has grown so much in the past year, it is hard to believe we are already having to add another service but our two on Sundays have been uncomfortably full for weeks and weeks so we were left with little choice! We are hoping that many come who work on Sundays and are praying that God will bless this new service. If you live in the Flathead Valley make sure to invite someone to come the day after tomorrow and for everyone else, please pray for God to bring many to know Him.