the myriad/greg laurie

On Wednesday at Skull Church, in addition to a special message from Greg Laurie, as a bonus we were joined by Seattle rockband The Myriad. They get tons of play on fresh life radio, have a song on the game Rockband and have even received a good amount of attention from MTV. A few years back we had them at an O2 Experience event and I really dig them. They are super cool guys and musically they are awesome, without a doubt one of my favorites that have played at Skull Church so far–just good clean rock and roll.

After they played Greg gave a great message on how to know the will of God and we saw a number of people respond to the invitation, making professions of faith, at both the Strand and Liberty theatres. I love Greg’s preaching skillz (and his nunchuck skillz* too) he is passionate, easy to listen to, thoroughly Biblical, and hilarious. The next day we flew to SoCal and I spoke at his Bible study in Orange County. I gave a message called Flour Power on the story of Elijah and the Widow of Zarepath from 1 Kings 17 and then promptly ate at in-n-out. Today we spent some time with another super cool pastor who also lives in Seattle but more on that later. The boarding door just closed and I need to make some progress on this weekend’s NUCLEUS message.

*Napoleon Dynamite Reference