The O2 Experience

Seven years ago my wife and I were sitting on a balcony overlooking the ocean in Hawaii. We were on our honeymoon and over a light breakfast of fresh pineapple and kona coffee we were discussing how glad we were that we had waited to have sex until we were married. It wasn’t easy. It would be great if your sex-drive was activated only after you said your wedding vows and the ring was placed on your finger. If it worked that way it would definitely be a whole lot easier to remain sexually pure. Unfortunately that’s not how it works. We loved each other and were attracted to each other and long before we were man and wife we had the desire to express those feelings physically.

Those feelings aren’t wrong, God created us as sexual beings. It just wasn’t the right time to act on them yet. An adage we repeated all the way up to the week of the wedding was, “it’s not NO, it’s just NOT NOW.” We didn’t want to cheat ourselves out of any of the joy and surprise God had in store for our honeymoon and marriage. We wanted to open our presents on Christmas morning, so to speak.

Our heart’s desire was to build our relationship on a foundation of honoring the Lord. In the end, it took resolve, commitment, prayer, accountability, planning, hard work, and discipline for us to not sleep together before we walked down the aisle. It wasn’t easy, but it was totally worth it.

To this day we look back on those difficult but pivotal days in our relationship as a test that we passed. We were showing each other that we put Christ and each other above our selves. The Bible says that love is patient and does not seek it’s own. Furthermore, we were showing each other what kind of husband and wife we would be. How could she trust me to be faithful to her in marriage if I wasn’t faithful with her before marriage? To this day we are reaping the fruit from our decisions during our early days. Best of all, now we get to enjoy God’s amazing gift of sex, without guilt or shame.

That day in Maui God began to put into my heart the desire to do something to help others see that God’s plan for their love lives is the best. I think, quite frankly, sexual purity has gotten a bad reputation. Many see God’s standard of sexual purity as completely unrealistic and as something that will cause us to miss out on having a good time. I believe that we have the enemy of our souls to thank for this deception. He has basically bottled toilet water, packaged it with a slick label and convinced us to abandon the fountains of living water that Christ offers for his toxic and polluted version of sex and romance. (Jeremiah 2:13)

As a result of what God was doing in our hearts that day we came home and began working on an event where we could warn people about the sexual smog our culture is breathing in and call them to something far better. And The O2 Experience was born. Just like our bodies need oxygen, our souls need God. These high-energy events provide a fresh look at life, death, sex and romance. It’s much more than just a call to abstinence; it’s a call to life in Christ.

God has greatly blessed these events. In addition to overflowing crowds, including youth groups who drove across state lines to bring their students, we have seen thousands and thousands of young people make commitments to sexual purity and have seen hundreds make commitments to follow Christ as Savior.

This year we are pumped to be bringing the O2 Experience to the great state of Arizona on June 12 and to Montana on July 8. In Arizona we are pumped to be partnering with Calvary Tucson, a rad church pastored by Robert Furrow that will be hosting the O2 at their brand new East campus. The Montana O2 will be at freshlife. Both events this summer will feature musical performances by The Almost and Dominic Balli.

Tickets are on sale right now at and based on how past events have gone they will probably sell out. There is a price break for groups and so if you are going to bring a youth group definitely consider buying your tickets together. I also encourage you to buy a ticket for a friend who needs to hear the gospel and bring them with you, you never know what God might do in their life. Even if you don’t live anywhere near Montana or Arizona, please pray for God to move in power at this event.
Check out the O2 Experience website for more info and to purchase tickets. Click here.

Additionally, if you would like to see a future O2 Experience happen in your area or you are a pastor that would like to host an O2 event at your church let us know. Click here.