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We have recently upgraded our webcast from the platform we had been using. The new webcast looks better, the player is simpler and best of all, there are no more ads! Check it out during one of our webcasts. (Saturday at 6pm, Sunday at 9& 11am and Wednesday at 7pm at and Mountain Standard Time)

Orange County
I just got back from Southern California where I gave a message on the cross at Greg Laurie’s Thursday night Bible study.  It was a great night of ministry and thirty people responded to the invitation at the end of the message and made public professions of faith in Jesus Christ. Greg is on vacation recovering from the harvest crusade and it was a blast to fill in for him.

I brought Kevin Guido, who is fresh life’s creative arts pastor with me and took him surfing for the first time in his life. He did great. There was an incident where he left the water bleeding from his head after coming in contact with his surfboard…but it ended well and he is back home, safe and sound. (Usually you teach people how to surf on a foam board for that exact reason, but Kevin is not the foam board sort of guy. He is more the bomb a ski-hill on a mountain bike drinking red bull sort of guy.) If he is anything like me than he is addicted to surfing now, because once I caught my first wave–I knew I was hooked for life.

The transmitter for the full power, FM radio station that fresh life church is building, went up on the antennae yesterday and everything is on schedule for the station to go on the air in September.  I love looking at this picture and thinking about how the gospel will be amplified from this metal structure and go out into the area to people who need Christ. Missionary airwaves.

And last but certainly not least, this weekend I will be preaching the last of 4 messages on heaven.  We are going to be focusing in on the question, “What we are going to do there?”  This little series within a series has been so wonderful to go through and I hope you will join us, in person or online.