The story behind Skull Church

This weekend at fresh life where we announced a new service that we are calling skull church. It will be the name of our newly tweaked midweek service starting June 17th. In this video I explain what that means exactly.

The idea goes back to when I was teaching a series of messages in Orange County, California on the death of Jesus called, “The events of skull hill” because Jesus died on Golgotha–place of the skull. In one of the teachings, I remember saying, “Someday I’d like to plant a church and call it Skull Church” because the most beautiful thing that was ever done in human history took place on an ugly hill shaped like a skull. I was so into the idea I bought so I would have it in the future. Well, a year later I did plant a church but, as you know, we called it fresh life, and saved skull church to use down the road. The idea has been simmering in the back of my mind for the past 3 or so years and the Lord never let me let go of it. Now in just over 38 days it will come to life. I am stoked to see what the Lord will do through this new service.

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