this changes everything

Jesus died and then got back up. That’s extremely impressive. It wasn’t the first time it had been done. There had been resurrections scattered through out the Bible before He rose (I did a whole series on that once, check it out here.) But with Jesus it was different. When Lazarus, Jarius’ daughter, The Shunamite Woman’s son and everyone else in that elite club rose, they ultimately had to die again. Not Jesus. He ever lives. And He promised that if we believe in Him, even though we will still die, one day we will come bursting out of the ground like planted seeds that have become flowers. And we will never die again. That’s the gospel.

I never get tired of sharing that with people. I am as invigorated and amazed as the words come out of my mouth each time as at the first. I can’t help but think of the day when my worm eaten body will emerge from the dust and be transformed into a glorified body like Christ’s and it just fills my heart with hope and courage. It’s too good to be true. But it is true! And it changes the way you look at things. Once you know what will happen when you die, you are truly ready to live. And it never gets old watching people respond to the gospel invitation, making professions of faith in Christ. And that’s exactly what we saw many do in Billings, the Flathead Valley and online do as we marveled at God’s power over death this weekend.

Here is the Fresh Life Easter lookbook.