This weekend’s party

If I had a bucket list I could definitely scratch off, “Preach through a blizzard named Brutus in Bozeman.” That actually sounds worthy of being on a bucket list. And that is exactly what we did during Skull Church this weekend. We had no idea that the normally nice fall weather we typically enjoy this time of year was going to be disrupted by violent winds, crazy amounts of snow, single digit temperatures and icy freeways under weather and travel advisories throughout most of our outreach. To say that it was sketchy getting to Bozeman from across the state would be no exaggeration, but God got us here without any accidents, though we saw plenty of them. I didn’t even bring a proper winter jacket with me and froze for it…lesson learned.

Despite Brutus’ impact, we still had an amazing weekend of ministry. Releasing the Skull Church record and watching it take off was crazy fun. The two nights at the Emerson theater were beautiful. Hawk Nelson and Leeland were both extremely great to partner with and not only brought great music but had a heart to minister. In all we saw 58 people respond to the invitation and commit their lives to Christ! I met a group of students from Montana State University who received a flyer on campus and they came and gave their lives to Jesus the first night and came back the next with another friend who also responded to the invitation. I also heard a story of someone who gave their life to Christ at Skull Church Billings this summer and brought a friend to this event and saw them respond. There were parents who saw their children saved and siblings who watched brothers and sisters respond. It’s these kind of stories that are what it’s all about. It was my first time ever stepping foot in Bozeman and I gotta say how much I like the city. It has a really neat vibe and I am looking forward to coming back. And next time Brutus is officially not invited.

Here is the Skull Church Bozeman lookbook.