this weekend’s party

We saw God do big things in the biggest city in Montana this weekend. At one point the line to get in stretched for 7 blocks through the downtown area. That should tell you something of the kind of anticipation and energy that was pumping at skull church Billings.

Both Thousand Foot Krutch and The Afters impressed me with a serious heart for ministry and it was a genuine pleasure to partner with them. As always, watching our team perform with passion, talent, and precision was amazing. I am so thankful that I get to do life and serve Christ with people who love doing their part and are desperate to see lost people found. Inspiring.

As the gospel went out we saw many respond, giving their lives to Jesus. There were powerful stories of God’s grace intersecting with people at very low places and it was (as it always is) the highest honor to get to communicate His love to them and welcome them into the Kingdom! And it’s thrilling to think of those who were impacted that we don’t know about as the webcast was viewed all across the US and in so many countries.

Here is the skull church Billings lookbook.