Through the Eyes of a Lion

TTEOAL blog 1

We are just a few short days away from the release of Through the Eyes of a Lion! Not just my first book…but one of the most special and difficult assignments God has ever given me. In a million years I never would have asked for it but have tried my best to live up to it and walk in the grace that is sufficient for the weakness. As this book goes out I pray for eyes to be opened and hands to be strengthened. For people to be empowered in their pain as they run with legs that tremble.

In the month of August I will be preaching a four week sermon series based on the book at Fresh Life and it kicked off this weekend!  At the end of the month we will be giving away the entire series (my message notes, transcripts, graphics package, small group videos and bumper vids) for any church or group that wants to use them to do a Through the Eyes of a Lion series or weekend. Whether you want to preach or play the videos of me preaching, you will have access to everything we are doing for the series for free. I hope many will join in this, maybe by going through the book in their community groups or doing the series so that hurting people’s lives will turn into ROAR stories! You can still pre-order your copy or promote the book here.