Today is our wedding anniversary


Jennie and I have been married for nine years today! I remember the morning of our wedding day vividly. While my groomsmen were still crashed out at my place, I left the house early to drive around and process what was about to happen. The song, “Amazing Grace” came on the radio and I was singing along and thinking about this girl that God had brought into my life who was about to become my wife. I was overcome by the grace of God, that He would entrust such a delicate beauty to an ogre like me. Tears of joy and thankfulness began streaming down my face as I worshipped and asked Him to bless our marriage. I can only imagine what other cars thought was happening in the next lane!

Nine years later I still am blown away by God’s grace in giving Jennie to me. She is velvet coated steel. Her touch is soft and her soul is strong. There is no one I would rather do life with.

We have been through so much together. Sickness and health. Good and Bad. Life and death. We’ve done ministry all over the country. Seen God move in power through His Holy Spirit. We have brought four children in to this world and we have one waiting for us in Heaven.

I love you Jenni-flower. You have ravished my heart.