Tomorrow morning

I am excited to teach tomorrow. I will be giving a follow up message to last Sundays’ resurrection sermon. We saw the stone that had been rolled away and heard the angel announce that He is risen! This week we are going to see Jesus appear to some of His disciples as they walk down the road in Luke 24. I am calling it “A walk to remember.” Once again I will be teaching from a sitting position which was a little challenging. A music stand was put out for me to put my notes and my Bible but when I got out there it was blocking my view of a ton of people and so I moved it out of the way and put my stuff on my lap. That was not an ideal setup. One of our guys came up with a great solution, he scoured the stores and found a little table at pier 1 that had a top that could be angled. I was even emailed photos of how it looked on the stage but also a photo demonstrating what I will see prom the point of view of sitting in the chair. I had to ask how he managed to get that photo? The response was, “I have really long arms.” I love the team of people I get to work with! Hope you can join us tomorrow morning, either in person or online.