Whitefish Campus

This weekend at fresh life we announced a new campus that we will be launching in Whitefish, Montana at the beginning of 2011. We are stoked on this venture in faith that the Lord has us taking and are praying that many people meet Jesus through it!

Please join with us praying:
For many people, who live in the North end of the valley and attend fresh life, to view this as their home church and be apart of the mission and community of this campus.

That God would continue to bless the awesome churches that are already making a difference in Whitefish and that we would have the opportunity to be a blessing to them.

For God to raise up an army to accomplish all that will be necessary for this to happen; and for those who will leave ministry holes behind in Kalispell–that God would raise up new people to step up to the plate.

For those who see and believe in the vision to continue to give generously as we advance the cause of Christ.

That we would find ways to reach the tourists and visitors who come to the Valley to ski, vacation and visit Glacier.

For protection from the enemy who would love to keep Jesus from building His church…but can’t!

For many to find life and liberty in Christ as we seek to make Jesus famous!