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Based On A True Story

How do we avoid getting caught up in the charm of our own egos? We must expose the lies, flip the script, and live new lives based on the true story.

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"You will experience true freedom when you are no longer enslaved to your own desires."

@levilusko | from the message Based On A True Story

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@levilusko  •  2 days ago

When you only develop the things people see you end up empty in the things that matter. Full talk:… https://t.co/CelYL0AvW3

@levilusko  •  2 days ago

The more I’ve paid attention to the “polarity” of my mind, the more I’ve liked the direction of my life. I don’t be… https://t.co/50cDvG5Lv8

@levilusko  •  4 days ago

Don’t fall for the lie that says “Freedom is doing whatever I want.” You will experience true freedom when you are… https://t.co/kp8SuZRJJb