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You're No Good Samaritan

No one can argue against being good to our neighbors but none of us are capable of doing it perfectly. Who can truly claim to be a good Samaritan?

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"You don't need to try harder you need to trust more"

@levilusko | from the message You're No Good Samaritan

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@levilusko  •  4 days ago

“This very day I’m declaring a double bonus — everything you lost returned twice-over!” Zechariah 9:12

@levilusko  •  6 days ago

RT @lifechurch: "The most difficult war you’ll ever face is the war within yourself." @levilusko

@levilusko  •  6 days ago

Declare war. Don’t overthink it — you have time to work through all the implications. You’re not going to have to f…